Why We Love Organic


Here’s a few of the reasons why we LOVE organic skincare here at Moonbeam Organics:

⁃ Organic skincare is natural skincare. This means that (for the most part)* organic skincare ingredients are either plants themselves or plant derived. We already know that plants themselves have a whole host of benefits when ingested but did you know they also have awesome properties when applied topically?

⁃ Our skin is THE largest organ on the human body and because of that - what we put on it has a lot to do with our overall health. Organic ingredients like our organic cocoa butter and organic shea are natural skin protectants that not only help protect your skin from harsh external factors like wind, but they also help to lock in moisture and enhance you skin’s elasticity.

⁃ Organic products are often fair trade (and so are many of our products). The Fairtrade Foundation actually trains and encourages farmers to adopt organic farming practices because it helps farmers to become more self-sufficient (which means workers can be paid more fairly) and it helps to protect the local environment.

⁃ Much like organic foods, organic skincare is non-GMO and grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This matters because many of these chemicals can cause adverse health effects in humans who are exposed to them (especially to the ones who are farming and handling these goods).

⁃ Which brings us to our next point - organic farming practices that produce organic ingredients are more sustainable and less likely to cause harm to surrounding lands, animals, and waterways. Harmful pesticides and herbicides from conventional (non -organic farms) can contaminate warerways, kill off integral animal and insect species in the surrounding environment, and can cause land erosion and soil nutrient depletion- causing what was once farm land to become un-farmable. 

⁃ Lastly and simply put - organic skincare is the cleanest skincare around. And making your own at home or looking for organic skincare products at your local shops are great ways to know EXACTLY what’s going onto your (and your kids’ skin).

Thanks so much for reading! 

⁃ The Moonbeam Organics Team XO

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